Reach your optimum health with the

BIOPRO QLink Pendant!

Did you know? High-frequency EMF waves lead to significant increase in blood pressure and blood clots.
Worn by over 300 pro-golfers and other top athletes, the BIOPRO QLink Pendant keeps you in top form, protecting you from harmful Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs) — a major environmental factor that causes the stresses you feel daily.

Similar to a tuning fork, the pendant works by balancing your natural energy field and keeping your mind and body in harmony.

Over a dozen medical studies worldwide have found the BIOPRO QLink Pendant to significantly increase human resistance to stress. Under the microscope, live blood cells improve in appearance when exposed to the QLink Pendant.

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    Includes the QLink Pendant, the BIOPRO Hands-Free Headset and BIOPRO Cell Chip — keeping you protected from direct and ambient EMF wherever you go.

  • BIONutratonic Drink
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