What would you do if you could see the effect that one cell phone call has on your brain?
What would you do if you knew there was a product that helped prevent these effects?
Would you buy it?    Of course you would!


Exposed to 100 million times more EMFs than preceding generations, we are now each faced with a crucial decision to do what is best for our health.

BIOPRO's innovation doesn't stop with cell phones. BIOPRO products are designed to respect and enrich the earth, the environment, and especially us.

Many scientists warn that prolonged exposure to high levels of electromagnetic pollution from sources all around us may lead to increased levels of stress, immune system dysfunction, poor mental functioning, and numerous other potential neurological and biological concerns.

Learn about all the BIOPRO products that help you stay healthy.

Learn more about the significant research behind the BIOPRO line:

Learn More About the Dangers of EMFs!

Learn More About the Positive Effects of the QLink!
  • Effects of QLink on Anxiety Levels within the Classroom
  • Effects of QLink on the Blood and Biological Terrain
  • Effects of QLink on Muscle Weakness and other Chronic Symptoms Attributed to EMF exposures
Learn More About the Importance of Nutritionals!

  • Comparison of Before and After BIOPRO'S Charging Process of BIOPRO BioNutratonic
  • Comparison of Before and After BIOPRO'S Charging Process of BIOPRO BioProduce
  • The Health Value of Fruits and Vegetables
  • Induction of apoptosis mangosteen on human breast cancer cell line.

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