Live in Healthy Harmony with the

BIOPRO Home Harmonizer!

A must-have for both home and office, the BIOPRO Home Harmonizer protects not only you, but your family and pets from the EMFs that saturate your surroundings.
Anyone entering your environment reaps the benefits of the BIOPRO Home Harmonizer. Wires from home appliances and wires hidden in walls are less destructive to your brain and nervous system and those of your family and friends when you plug in this essential BIOPRO product.

Covering up to a 60-foot radius around, the BIOPRO Home Harmonizer uses no electricity and lets you live in healthy harmony.

Purchase your BIOPRO Home Harmonizer today!

Other Products of Interest:

  • BIOPRO QLink Pendant
    The premier BIOPRO product designed to harmonize your biofield, the QLink Pendant is a significant energy enhancer.
  • Home and Office Enhancement Pack
    Including the BIOPRO Home Harmonizer and 18 BIOPRO Universal Chips for use on nearly all appliances, this product pack provides full coverage for combating EMFs in your home or office.
  • Personal Enhancement Pack
    Includes the BIOPRO Cell Chip, Hands-Free Headset and QLink Pendant — keeping you protected from direct and ambient EMFs everywhere you go.
  • Home Harmonizer 4-Pack
    Complete harmonization for your home and office.

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