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BIOPRO Hands-Free Headset

Why buy an earpiece whose metal conductor attracts EMFs to your head and brain?

The BIOPRO Hands-Free Headset uses "airtube" technology to transmit sound. It's the healthy and smart way to drive or walk while talking on your cell phone.

When used in conjunction with the BIOPRO Cell Chip, your BIOPRO Hands-Free Headset makes it safer to use a cellular phone.

Purchase your BIOPRO Hands-Free Headset today!


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  • Cell Phone Enhancement Pack
    Two BIOPRO Cell Chips and BIOPRO Hands-Free Headsets with our patented "airtube" technology — to protect your family from cell phone EMFs.

  • Personal Enhancement Pack
    Includes the BIOPRO Cell Chip, Hands-Free Headset and QLink Pendant — keeping you protected from direct and ambient EMFs everywhere you go.


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