Take charge of your health!
Practice "safe cell phone"!
Strengthen your biofield!

BIOPRO products allow you to do all this and more!

BIOPRO's mission is to develop unique, breakthrough products that help individuals reach their ideal performance levels, achieve greater health and wellness, and counteract the negative effects of stress in our modern world.

BIOPRO products have individual impact, helping you take charge of your own health concerns.

As BIOPRO Consultants, we firmly believe in the BIOPRO products, and are compelled to get the word out about the dangers of EMFs—from cell phones, hair dryers, home appliances, and from the wiring that is all around us every day.

We believe that achieving health in today's world includes protecting ourselves, and BIOPRO's products help everyone to do just that.

We are enthusiastic BIOPRO Consultants and satisfied product users ourselves. Please learn a little more about us:

"I am a real estate agent and am constantly on my cell phone. I first saw BIOPRO's Cell Chip in the health food store and knew I had to get one for both my husband and I. Now that I wear a BIOPRO QLink, I feel relaxed and focused and can weather stressful situations without feeling pressure anymore. Clients have told me what a wonderful boost of energy they receive from the BIOPRO products. Even my husband felt better only three days after starting to take the BIOProduce Fruit and Veggie pills!"
— Bluey Miller, BIOPRO Consultant and Product User

"I am so impressed by the information and research that backs BIOPRO's product line! I have been working in the field of home healthcare for the last 26 years. Although I find my work rewarding, it can also be very stressful. Every day there are many issues and health challenges. Since wearing BIOPRO's QLink, I feel strong instead of drained whenever I'm around computers, cell phones, and other EMF-laden environments."
— Sharon Bunning, BIOPRO Consultant and Product User

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